3 Common Types of Qualitative Monitoring

When it comes to proper cleaning and disinfection methods, SMSHC uses three monitoring methods. With these level-II monitoring methods, we can appropriately target, document, and monitor all of our hospitals to ensure everyone is in safe and clean environments. 

Direct Observation – With direct observation, our managers and facilitators walk through the rooms to ensure our employees use all the cleaning methods they are trained in. This form of monitoring is our initial line of defense against infection and germs. All direct observations are recorded meticulously documented in our OPS360 quality assurance platform. 

Fluorescent Marking – Fluorescent marking lets us see if our extensive 10-step cleaning and disinfection process is followed correctly. If employees do not follow our process, it is an opportunity for our Management team to teach our EVS staff the proper technique so that no high-touched areas are missed. Fluorescent marking further gives us the confidence that we are leaving these hospitals safe and clean for the hospital staff, patients and visitors. 

ATP Testing – ATP Testing is when we use a small hand-held device called a luminometer and measure the germs on a given area. Typically, our EVS Team will measure a surface before disinfecting. After we get the reading from the ATP, we then sanitize the surface according to our training and protocols. Once we finish sanitizing, we will test the area again to see if the procedures we followed. This test allow us to test our methods and evaluate if they are effective or if we need to reevaluate our training. 

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