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Safety Matters!

At SMS Healthcare, our multi-pronged safety approach is a daily priority Everyone benefits from a safe... Read Post

Quality Control: The Key to Keeping your EVS Issues under Control

What is Quality Assurance in a large-scale EVS contract? Quality EVS Services in a medical facility... Read Post

Clean for Improved Indoor Air Quality

The Pandemic taught us what Clean really means Your EVS team has mops and cleaning supplies,... Read Post

Empathy: making a difference in the patient care experience

How SMS Healthcare adjusts the AIDET framework to EVS Being a patient in a hospital or... Read Post

3 Ways to Fight Hospital-Acquired Infections with EVS

Your environmental services staff is vital in keeping your Hospital clean and reducing hospital-acquired infections. Here... Read Post

4 Tactics to Introduce Hospitality to your EVS Program

Studies have shown that patients overwhelmingly rate their care level higher when good communication between the... Read Post

3 Common Types of Qualitative Monitoring

When it comes to proper cleaning and disinfection methods, SMSHC uses three monitoring methods. With these... Read Post

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