Operating at Peak Standards

SMS Healthcare will help facilities improve systems and processes and stay compliance-ready every day of the year. We offer survey and consulting services to help cleaning and maintenance teams operate at peak standards every day.

What to Expect

SMS Healthcare establishes benchmarks and productivity standards for each position to ensure balanced workloads. Our facility survey assesses current operational approaches, including how to plan each staff member’s days, the current cleaning and disinfection procedures, and the customer satisfaction interactions. With our customized consulting services, we help find current quality levels. We also assist in developing the best plan to correct any issues the team might be facing. Through new and improved operational builds and training, we work to define the current customer perception. We also outline the management’s and cleaning team’s performance, comparing them to the industry’s best practices. The comparison allows us to create in-depth plans on how to improve daily operations. We extend our consulting services into:

  • Patient satisfaction interactions.
  • How to select the right team members.
  • Training team members to be customer service-minded.
  • What strategies to employ daily to give consistent feedback to the team for continual improvement.

Healthcare Survey-Readiness

By taking our survey and consulting services one step further, SMS Healthcare understands that healthcare facilities face different government surveys, citations and regulations than other industries. Being prepared for surveys at all times should be every employee’s daily priority. If your hospital has an unannounced compliance survey, you know that it can serve as the staff member's wake-up call. We have created detailed checklists and processes to help keep the team survey-ready and the hospital citation-free, 365 days a year.

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Our effective systems standardize performance and service levels, produce high-quality results. We pride ourselves on our belief in being honest, upfront and open with our customers. We ensure our success through our hiring processes, training programs, quality assurance systems and consistent inspections.

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