Covid-19 Response

SMS Healthcare partners with our customers to provide a clean and safe environment for patients, visitors, and staff.

On March 11, 2020, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently a global pandemic. SMS Healthcare has an approach to disinfecting the commonly touched items at our facilities to prevent cross-contamination. We gather our facts directly from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

We are looking to assist our communities, companies, and facilities that require additional expertise with COVID-19 disinfection and decontamination during these unprecedented times. We are offering consulting services to help with:

  • Proper equipment and tools utilization, including personal protective equipment and chemical disbursement tools
  • Proper disinfection procedures conducted by trained personnel through the utilization of electrostatic sprayers and increased frequencies of cleaning high-touch surfaces
  • Customizable training material tailored to your location’s specific needs
  • Step-by-step instructions for daily job checklists, hands-on training of your staff on multiple shifts and more

Our consulting packages will include an hourly rate for SMS Healthcare Management and Executives, plus the cost of travel, food, miscellaneous expenses and lodging. We will bill these items at cost plus if you prefer to use SMS Healthcare to purchase personal protective equipment, disinfecting chemicals, spraying/misting equipment, and other items. If you would like more information about SMS Healthcare and what we can do for your facility, we would love to hear from you. Complete the form below and we will be in touch soon.