Our Technology


Automated Tracking Program

SMS Healthcare ensures consistent, high-quality environmental services with our cloud-based quality assurance program, OPS360.

Cloud-based quality and accountability.

Daily Tracking & Inspections

Our staff completes daily tracking forms customized to the rooms we clean in your facility.

Managers perform inspections and enter the data into OPS360 using a mobile device on their daily rounds.

There’s nothing for you to install and only one central database to access. Login anywhere and view the same up-to-date data as your entire team.

Analytics + Accountability

This comprehensive data helps identify weak spots before they become problems. We can track corrections and improvement over time, and even track progress to exceed expectations specific to your site.

You have full access to our evaluations, which encourages us to serve your facility with the utmost quality in cleanliness. You know what we know.

Customer Support

All communication funnels into this same central location. We handle requests and feedback, while your management engages in every conversation and receives notification when issues are resolved.

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