Cleaning Processes


Proven Cleaning Methods

Our cleaning processes are the core of what we do. From critical areas to unique surfaces, our rigorous cleaning practices are aligned with the exact needs of your hospital.

Employees receive specific training on how to properly perform each of the 10 steps of the process.

10-Step Occupied Room Cleaning Process

We utilize a 10-step process that includes scripting for occupied room cleaning. By training all EVS employees in this process, it guarantees consistency and accountability throughout your hospital.

Employees track the process using a Duty Checklist each time they clean a room. Their work is monitored selectively by managers on rounds using our automated tracking program, OPS360.

10-Step Discharge Cleaning Process

Our 10-step discharge cleaning process is standardized to create consistency across your hospital, reducing HAIs and throughput times.

Microfiber Cloths

We use microfiber for cleaning. Because of its unique properties, microfiber is significantly more effective than cotton at capturing bacteria, thus reducing the risk of spreading HAIs.

Color-Coded Microfiber Cloths

We use a two-color system for microfiber cloths — one color for the patient’s room, the other for only restroom use. This two-color system provides a great opportunity for scripting, where the housekeeper can explain the system to the patient.

Contact Times

We train EVS employees on adequate contact times for disinfectants. EPA-registered disinfectants specify on the label the required contact time for properly disinfecting a surface. If disinfectants are wiped up before the required contact time has passed, complete disinfection may not have occurred, and cross contamination is possible.

Saturation Method

Spray bottle cleaning systems may not provide the level of saturation needed to reach the contact times required for proper disinfection. As hand fatigue sets in with spray bottle systems, undersaturation is likely to occur. Using a bucket system is more likely to completely disinfect surfaces.