Frontline Recruitment

We have established partnerships with the public workforce system in every state in which we operate, and we have a strong and long-standing relationship with One Stop Career Centers. One Stop Career Centers is part of the Department of Labor that offers training referrals, career counseling, job listings and similar employment-related services. This allows us to fill job openings without incurring costs, while benefiting our local communities.

Management Recruitment

The Director of EVS is the most important management position in our organization. He or she is responsible for orchestrating all systems and procedures of our quality control program, directing every phase of our operation, and setting and achieving key KPIs set by the hospital.

In our management screening, SMS Healthcare utilizes personality and cognitive pre-employment tests designed by Wonderlic to help determine the best candidate for its management positions.

Since implementing Wonderlic testing, we have seen that higher scores lead to higher performance on quarterly reviews.


Our comprehensive training program includes both initial and ongoing training for frontline and management employees.

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From occupied rooms to discharges and everything in between, we have developed best practices for cleaning all areas of your facility.

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