Increased Patient Satisfaction


Hospitality in Healthcare

We know that often what makes the biggest impact in patient satisfaction are communication and employee morale. Patients overwhelmingly rate the level of their care higher when good communication between the patient, doctors, nurses and support staff — like EVS — is present. See how we use the AIDET scripting model and employee motivation programs to bring hospitality to healthcare.

Our customers have seen an average 10% increase in HCAHPS.

AIDET Scripting Model

The housekeeper, unlike nursing staff, has limited exposure with the patient. The time spent with the patient becomes very valuable in perception-based scoring and allows a rapport to be established by the housekeeper. Using the AIDET scripting model, a segment of the Studer Method, housekeepers provide a brief description of the cleaning process and role of the cleaner. It instills confidence in the patient (and family), and demonstrates that the EVS staff are well-trained and understand their role in the prevention of infection.

Employee Morale

We hire the best in the business and work hard to keep them, making sure each employee sees their relationship with us as a career. Comprehensive and ongoing EVS training, our safety bonus program, recognition programs, and defined career paths equip our employees to be responsive, hospitable EVS technicians.

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